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13 мая 2022, 12:10

Top Reasons Why Kotlin Is Popular Amongst Android Application Developers

When it comes to android app development, Kotlin always comes to rescue application developer. Kotlin is one of the fastest-growing programming languages, ranking fourth among all the programming languages.


So, you wonder why Kotlin has become so popular amongst developers? Let’s see the benefits it provides in android application development.

Less Coding


Kotlin offers huge relief to developers, and you need to write less code than java during app development. It has data classes that hold only data, reducing code volume. Also, you can use Kotlin’s extension to write codes. 


Kotlin Is Safe To Use


Type and null safety are some of the most special features of Kotlin. Kotlin promotes writing correct programs with static type checking and automatic memory management. It rules out null-pointer dereferences and has no explicit pointers or undetectable uninitialized variables.


Great IDE and Tooling Support


All of Android Studio’s IDE features work perfectly in Kotlin. You can mix and match Kotlin and Java code in the same project, and everything still works great. The IDE support for other JVM-based languages doesn’t even come close.


Another amazing feature the Kotlin plugin brings to Android Studio is the «Convert Java File to Kotlin» feature. Just give it your old Java file, and in one click, it will convert it to an equivalent Kotlin file. 


Easy To Learn


Developers can effortlessly understand the code even without having written a line of Kotlin. By its nature of simplicity and with the help of IDE & compiler, it has become easier to handle the basics of the language. 


Kotlin is a better and enhancement model of Java which comes up with primary enhancements for the Android app developers. As a long way as growing lessons and numerous syntaxes are worried, Kotlin is quite simpler than Java and offers great security.


Enhance Performance


With the support of Kotlin for inline capabilities, Kotlin will increase the execution velocity of lambda functions. It even runs faster than the equal code written in Java.


Compared to Java, Kotlin gives a wide range of reachable features that expedite everyday development. The Kotlin consists of diverse capabilities like parameter values, item declarations, extension features, etc. It allows Kotlin to increase the development time and maintain the code base successfully.




Kotlin has helped Android application developers to create robust Android data with easy methods. However, many Android app development companies have commenced adopting the Kotlin language. Accordingly, it’s certainly true that the demand for Kotlin app developers will increase soon.


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